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potential hurdles
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Connect workflows + identify the
critical path.

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Build team
consensus +
streamline your
action plan.

SWAP Integration provides integrated scheduling services customized to your project needs and budget. Specializing in design-based projects for the built environment, SWAP Integration has developed a process that identifies road blocks, builds consensus, and gets your team to the finish line on schedule. The Milestone SWAP MEET is the cornerstone of our service offerings. Weekly check-ins and Weekly Management of the SWAP MEET supplement the SWAP process and are used to keep your team on track.

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A VISIONING SWAP MEET is the first collaborative planning session of the project. This session provides a birds-eye view of the overall project. We evaluate the overall project schedule and establish a logical organization of milestones while keeping a pulse on the project goals and expectations. During this session, we will identify potential obstacles or areas of concern, indicate key meetings, and forecast known critical path items.
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A SWAP MEET is a milestone driven, collaborative planning session that works to improve the flow of work through a project. During this session, with all of the collaborative minds in the room, we establish an efficient sequence of action items (work to be completed), using predictive planning, in an effort to enable more reliable production during the project. Through open communication and transparency, we will build team consensus and give the Owner and Project Team the confidence to lean into the sequence.

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WEEKLY MANAGEMENT consists of critical management and documentation of the workflow to track the plan as we go. We also send weekly Look Aheads straight to your inbox with a projection of the forecasted workflow for the weeks ahead so you always know what’s coming.
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Who We Work With

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Wondering if SWAP Integration is right for your team? We specialize in Strategic Workflow Action Planning for the Architecture, Engineering, Construction (AEC); Commercial Real Estate (CRE); Owners; Owners Representatives, General Contractors (Design-Build, CMGC, CM at Risk, Pre-Construction); and Developers Industries. Our process has been customized for the design phase of any building project across all market types. Our integrated scheduling services have helped design teams across all disciplines meet their project milestones efficiently and effectively without working weekends and caffiene fueled all nighters.

"The facilitator of the pull plan is critical to the success of the tool.  Heather understands all the roles of all players on the team and how each member impacts another.  She also has the experience and understanding of the construction process to help the team prepare for the proper planning efforts.  Her approach is realistic!"

Michelle, Design Principal

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