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Hit your next milestone with confidence using our integrated scheduling services.

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"Plan your work, and work your plan."
Napoleon Hill

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We Help

SWAP Integration will help your team overcome the dreaded deadline crunch and the constant, recurring rework cycle. We build team consensus and hold all team members accountable so you hit your next project milestone efficiently. In short - we elevate you to rockstar status.

SWAP Integration has adapted integrated scheduling services specifically for the AEC | CRE industries. Our program focuses on the design phase of a project and leads your team through a transparent, collaborative planning process. The result is an efficient workflow that delivers well-coordinated documents, faster and more efficiently.

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We Are

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SWAP Integration is a WBE certified workflow consultant on a mission to revolutionize how AEC + CRE teams schedule and manage their projects. 


Founded by licensed Architect Heather Bemis, SWAP Integration has customized integrated scheduling practices specifically for  the design phase of a project. The SWAP process focuses on supporting projects in meeting their milestones more consistently and efficiently regardless of the delivery method. We help your team realize potential hurdles and roadblocks early, connect workflows, and identify the critical path. SWAP Integration gives Owners and Design Teams the confidence to lean into the sequence. Through open communication and transparency, we will build team consensus.  This process has proven highly effective in holding all members of the team accountable for the successful completion of a project.

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Our Process

With transparency as the cornerstone of our practice, SWAP Integration leads a project team through a collaborative planning process to create an efficient flow of work. Our SWAP (Strategic Workflow Action Planning) process kicks-off with an in-depth discussion of your project including a milestone summary schedule that outlines phases and the anticipated timeline. If you already have a project  schedule, we will provide a quick analysis of your schedule to determine the number of Milestone SWAP Meets and Weekly Management involvement. If you don't have a project schedule quite yet, no problem! Based on years of experience and industry knowledge, we will work with you to establish a schedule that is just right for your project and then provide our SWAP analysis of that schedule. We will then handcraft a proposal of our services, specific to your project, for your review and approval. At a minimum, we will include a Visioning SWAP Meet, a Milestone SWAP Meet(s), and Weekly Management. We have found this to be the perfect recipe for project success.

The VISIONING SWAP MEET tracks the decisions that need to be made such as ownership and jurisdiction decisions, review times for entitlements, and permit reviews to find a realistic and efficient path to meeting the project goals.

The MILESTONE SWAP MEET typically plans work for 6-8 weeks at a time and dives into great detail of who needs what by when to align the team in completing their work. 

WEEKLY MANAGEMENT is critical to the success of a project because they manage Accountability, Communication, and Transparency (ACT). Weekly check-ins look back at the previous week of work and if a task was not completed we strive to understand why before adjusting the schedule and planning out the next two weeks of work. We then perform a two week look ahead to ensure the proper meetings have been scheduled and the right people invited. We create a living, breathing schedule for your team that responds to real-life scenarios in real-time without sacrificing your effectiveness or your timeline.


Introducing SWAP PM

In addition to our consulting services, SWAP Integration has developed a cloud-based, subscription-based platform that dynamically converts your manual wall pull plan into a virtual tracking system that your entire team can access. With features like calendar integration, keyword searchable filtering capabilities, task reviews, and customized meeting types, your team can track their tasks in real-time and from anywhere. 

Who We Work With

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Why We Do What We Do

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“The SWAP integration process has helped our entire team stay accountable and ensured we track critical coordination items all the way through. Heather always brings a great energy to the weekly check-in meetings and asks great questions to keep our project moving forward.”

Malina Villanueva, Project Manager

COAR Design Group

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